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Plastic & castings

Plastic & castings

Your Specialist for Plastic – Casting technology and metal injection molding..!!

tooliss gmbh is a globally operating technology company specializing in engineered plastic parts and castings. As a highly specialized engineering service provider, the company uses value analyses to develop solutions for their customers that are optimized in terms of technology and cost-effectiveness.

As a matter of principle tooliss gmbh is always impartial with regard to technology, process or manufacturer, and can operate irrespective of project size, project volume, materials and applications.

Find out more on the following pages to learn how you, too, can benefit from collaboration with tooliss gmbh.

Here you can find an information about the profit, working in a collaboration with tooliss gmbh gives you a best solutions for plastic and light metal castings. Ask us now for free of cost.!!

You will get the optimal solutions for  technical parts  in  injection molding, RIM, TSG, SMC, BMC Thermoforming, Polyurethane as  Blowing technology  and Rotation forms and all other Plastic technologies. Special technologies like Foil injection, Injection molding, Cascade technology, Assembly injection modling, Insert technology and Outsert technology and 2-Component technology until  5-Component technologies are included. Thermoplastic and Thermosetting materials of  PU, DCPD, Methane, melamine and Urea based are taken into account in the value analysis. Beside plastics are projects in light metal (Aluminium, Magnesium and titanium) through  pressure casting, fine casting, mold casting and sand casting processed. As well as MIM (metal injection moulding and PM (Powder metal). Edited and Curved Aluminium profiles completes spectrum.

With a variety of different technologies, all of which are ideally suited for special applications, you can see that a specialist in plastics technology and light metal casting can offer you a decisive advantage and benefit.

Ask us and let us surprise you. Our knowledge of the technologies and tooling techniques associated with the right processing company guarantees project savings and outstanding technical solutions!

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