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Technology consultancy

Technology consultancy

When it comes to plastics, many of our customers tend to think of injection moulding first. This process alone comprises a wealth of secondary processes such as injection compression moulding, gas counter pressure moulding, internal gas-assisted moulding, water injection moulding, variothermal injection moulding, the MuCell process, injection moulding using blowing agents, 2-component moulding, multi-component injection moulding, sheet moulding, monosandwich, co-injection, outsert technology, assembly injection moulding, transfer moulding…

Add to that around 30,000 plastic raw materials, countless tooling technologies, a vast range of coating and finishing processes and several thousand processors and you find that even highly qualified plastics engineers frequently are hard pressed to come up with a sound solution for a project.

Moreover, processes such as SMC, BMC, twin-sheet, deep drawing, polyurethane, DCPD, GRP, CFP, ARP, silicone and rubber processing, extrusion, blow moulding, rotational moulding … make the selection process exponentially more difficult.

Casting projects on the other hand, are far simpler, and yet remain equally challenging!

tooliss offers neutral and independent advice to the following professional groups:

– developers and engineers
– technical and strategic buyers
– designers

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