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Technical and strategic buyers

Technical and strategic buyers

In business development the support from either a well-known company or from a new company that one met at a trade fair is usually sought out. The sales departments of such companies have been trained to do preparatory work for the respective potential purchaser and to help them by offering advice to adapt the component design to their own production capacities.

At some point during this process, the following question will arise: “We have done so much work for you – we are going to do this project together, aren’t we?” This often forces a preliminary decision.

tooliss consistently provides neutral and independent advice free of charge that will reliably hold up against your further inspection.

Moreover, tooliss is familiar with the processes and tooling technologies, so are capable of proposing alternatives that are perfect. Time and again we are asked by purchasing departments to suggest technologies detailing their respective advantages in interdisciplinary categories.

We work out alternative technologies or delivery solutions at no cost to you. These have to be excellent in order to fully convince you. If they are not, all our efforts will have been for nothing.

Free of charge means trying us out is a win-win situation for you!

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