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During the initial design phase the question asked most often is: “By which design technology will the client be blown away by which will also help the company to optimize costs and other factors?”

Sometimes the solution is obvious and all parties involved are extremely satisfied. However, afterwards discussions often ensue as to how to reach cost targets again and regards any potential compromises that may have to be made.

For this very reason tooliss offers advice to many renowned designers at an early stage of the project, pointing out possible technologies and ways to reach the cost targets. This often helps in achieving a significant optimisation of the project, making solutions feasible that seemed unthinkable at first. Savings of 30% or 50% are not unusual.

tooliss consistently provides neutral and independent advice free of charge that will reliably hold up against any further inspection by you or your end customers.

Free of charge means trying us out is a win-win situation for you!

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