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Free services

Hundreds of plastics processes, thousands of materials, tooling methods and processors, a plethora of casting technologies, various cost structures, a diverse range of cultures amongst industrial fabricators, good and bad references for some companies, suitable machine technology or not? Who is the best match for whom? Logistics, distance between supplier and customer, language…

The list of variables impacting on each and every project is endless!

Mistakes cost money, whether they are detected or not!

Take it from us: the mistakes made in the plastics and casting sector by both large and small companies alike are beyond belief. tooliss greatly reduces and avoids such errors altogether.

In addition, our projects frequently achieve savings of 30-50%, and that includes the costs for using tooliss itself.

Generally, no budget is put aside for the highly-specific services as provided by tooliss. For this reason, tooliss consistently works based on outcome success. tooliss recommends companies who reimburse only if an order is placed, and then exclusively pay tooliss. Every project must be so successful that this reimbursement goes totally unnoticed. I.e. the result must be so good that our customers – in spite of the technological information generated by tooliss for the customer – find it impossible to obtain a better solution in the market.

This is a rather trim business model, solely geared towards success.

Take a look at our references. Representative for everyone: an international corporation, which also sells adhesives amongst other things, had specified project savings of 30% in their order. Our recommendation, combined with the tooliss reengineering, resulted in a 50%-saving, rendering the tooliss charge negligible.

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