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Value analysis

Value analysis

tooliss uses value analyses to develop solutions for their customers that are optimized in terms of technology and cost-effectiveness.

What does this mean?

In the area of plastics and mould technology, it is in most cases possible to achieve the same result in a variety of ways. With a diametrically opposed cost result!

Taking as an example a rather large plastic component, the following processes bring comparable results: injection moulding, injection compression, plastification pressing, SMC, deep drawing, twin-sheet, thermoplastic foam injection moulding, monosandwich, MuCell, PUR, and DCPD. CFP, RIM and multi-tec would also be a possibility.

tooliss prepares a value-analysis matrix for the client, which compares the possible processes and their respective advantages and disadvantages, the respective tooling investments and the production costs that can reliably be expected. This matrix is then discussed with the client in order to find the best possible solution.

Our guiding principle here: retaining neutrality in terms of technology, process and manufacturers!

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