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Developers and Engineers

Developers and Engineers

In most cases the same outcome can be achieved for a particular problem using various different methods at almost identical requirements. The break-even-point is often hard to define.

Taking into consideration that this is an optimal and appropriate one-off investment, which process is the best one to choose when just a minor alteration in the design could allow the use of another technology resulting in a completely changed cost scenario?

It is therefore an everyday practice for engineers to do the right thing and seek advice from a partner they are familiar with and trust. This expert will advise based on the technology that is available at the time, taking into consideration production capacity. The outcome is almost always an alteration to the design, which allows an offer to be based on. This consultancy rarely ends in the proposal to go to another company recommended by us or to our competitors.

tooliss consistently provides neutral and independent advice free of charge that will reliably hold up against your further inspection.

Free of charge means trying us out is a win-win situation for you!

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